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Valeric Acid 1%HPLC

CAS: 8057-49-6
FOB Price: 
Port:Beijing, Tianjin
Minimum Order Quantity:1/Kilogram
Supply Ability:5 Metric Ton/Week
Payment Terms:
Updatetime:Feb 23 2019
Company Profile
Address: 14F,Fengcheng 1st Road,Lijun Our Times Building,Xi'an,China
Quick Details
Classification: Gastrointestinal Agents
Cas NO.: 8057-49-6
Molecular Formula:
Melting Point:
Boiling Point:
Stability: null
Refractive index:
Flash Point:
Purity: 1%
Appearance: null
Brand Name:
EINECS: 232-501-7
Purity: 1%
Appearance:Brown powder
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail:
Delivery Detail: 3-5days
Detailed Description


sharedherb biotech co.,ltd specializes in studying, developing, manufacturing and selling fruit powder and vegetable juice powder, ingredients and standard herbal extract. the headquarter of company locates in rich herb resources city xi’an. our main products includes:

marigold extract lutein

epimedium leaf extract icariin

olive leaf extract

tomato extract lycopene

grape seed extract procyanidin

cyanotis arachnoidea extract ecdysterone

soybeen extract  isoflavone

garlic bulb powder plant extract
ginkgo leaf plant extract
echinacea herb/root plant extract
soy bean plant extract
saw palmetto fruit plant extract
ginseng root plant extract
st. johns wort herb extract
black cohosh rhizome plant extract
cranberry fruit plant extract
valerian root plant extract
milk thistle fruit plant extract
evening primrose oil
kava kava rhizome plant extract
bilberry fruit plant extract
grape seed plant extract
yohimbe bark plant extract
green tea leaf plant extract
ginger rhizome powder/extract
aloe vera extract
florists sendranthema extract
paeoniflorin 95%hplc
kaempferol 98%hplc
ursolic acid 98%hplc
emodin 98%hplc
rhein 98%hplc
diosgenin 98%hplc
astragaloside iv 90%hplc
icraiin 98%hplc
silymarin 98%hplc
chlorogenic acid 98%hplc
naringin 98%hplc
glycyrrhizic acid 98%hplc
sodium aescinate 98%hplc
alpha lipoic acid 98%hplc
rutin 98%hplc
phytic 98%hplc
sesamin 98%hplc


Molecular Formula:C27H42O3
Keywords:Valeric Acid 1%HPLC,Valerian Root Extract,herbal extract
Company Information
Name:Shaanxi Kingsci Biotechnology Co,.Ltd
Trade Category:
Registered Time:
Registered Capital:
Legal Representative:
Address: 14F,Fengcheng 1st Road,Lijun Our Times Building,Xi'an,China

Sharedherb Biotech Co.,Ltd specializes in studying, developing, manufacturing and selling fruit powder and vegetable juice powder, plant extract, botanical extract, ngredients and standard herbal extract. The headquarter of company locates in rich herb resources city Xi’an. We are dedicated to provide natural, healthy raw material for both new and regular customers with our consistent best service and quality! Meanwhile, the company gets further development and innovation in the research of changing product bioavailability, microencapsulation and product formulations. The company has a complete production line of extraction, separation and purification that can manage more than 1,000 tons of raw materials and produce more than 150 tons of standard extract and all types of high purified ma.....more>>

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