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Factory direct sale Dehydrate Cacl2 Calcium Chloride Desiccant

CAS: 10043-52-4
FOB Price:290 USD/Metric Ton
Minimum Order Quantity:20/Metric Ton
Supply Ability:1000 Metric Ton/Month
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,
Updatetime:Jan 20 2020
Company Profile
Contact:gang xing
Address: Zhang zhe, guangzong county, xingtai city, hebei province
Quick Details
Classification: Chloride
Cas NO.: 10043-52-4
Molecular Formula: CaCl2
Melting Point: 782℃
Boiling Point: 1600℃
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with zinc, water, strong acids, methyl vinyl ether, bromine trifluoride, boron oxide, calcium oxide. Hygroscopic.
Refractive index:n20/D 1.358
Flash Point: >1600°C
Purity: 99%
Appearance: white solid
usage: Oil drilling,melting snow
Brand Name: YANXI
EINECS: 233-140-8
Aliase: Calcium Chloride
Purity: 99%
Appearance:white granular
Brand: YANXI
HS Code: 2827200000

Pavement deicer.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 25kg or 50kg per woven bag lined with plastic bag
Delivery Detail: Arrange the shipment within 15days after payment
Detailed Description

  Factory supply bulk,flakes,granules,powder form Calcium Chloride 74%, 77%, 94%, 99%



Item Calcium Chloride Dihydrate Calcium Chloride Anhydrous
CAS 10035-04-8 10043-52-4
Chemical Formula CaCl2.2H2O CaCl2
Purity as CaCl2 74%min. 94%min.
Alkalinity as Ca(OH)2 0.2%max. 0.25%max.
Total Alkali Chloride (as NaCl) 5.0%max. 5.0%max.
Water Insoluble 0.15%max. 0.25% max.
Fe 0.006%max. 0.006%max.
PH 7.5-11.0
Total Magnesium (as MgCl2) 0.5%max.
Sulfate(as CaSO4) 0.05%max.
Appearance White flake,powder,granule,pellet White powder,pellet
Standard Packaging

25kgs/1000kgs woven bags with PE liner inside 

or according to customer's request.



1.Petroleum : Oil field drilling,stabilizing mud layar,lubricating drilling,making hole plug,fixing oil well.

2.Water treatment : Calcium ions can precipitate most anions.Chloride ions precipitate cations,and can also oxidize ions to purify wastewater.

3.Cryogen : Calcium Chloride solution is an important refrigerant for refrigerators and ice making.

4.Used for snow meltin and deicing on roads, expressways, parking lots and ports.
5.As fog removing agent and dust collecting agent on road, pot
6.As a dryer to dry nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide etc.
7.As dehydration agent when producing alcohol, ester, ether and acrylic acid.
8.It can increase hardness of concrete and increase cold resistance ability of the construction.
9.As fireproof agent of textile ,coal mine.

10.As a protective agent and refining agent used in aluminum magnesium metallurgy.
11.As precipitator in producing lake paint. It is a kind of raw material of producing calcium salt. In algae sodium and bean industry it acts as flocculation.

Packaging & Shipping

 25kg or 50kg per woven bag lined with plastic bag, or according to the customer's demand.

Factory direct sale Dehydrate Cacl2 Calcium Chloride Desiccant CAS10043-52-4

Company Information
Name:Hebei Yanxi Chemical Co.,Ltd √ Verified
Trade Category: Association√ Verified
Registered Time: 2017 √ Verified
Registered Capital: Below US$100 Thousand
Legal Representative: jungang xing√ Verified
Employees: 11 - 50 People
Address: Zhang zhe, guangzong county, xingtai city, hebei province
Product/Service: Division I, the main production Lead acetate phenylacetamide Cyromazine quality is very good!

Hebei yanxi chemical co. LTD. has expanded a compositive entity from initially only as a small manufacturer. The company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of chemicals. Main products are Titanium dioxide(CAS13463-67-7). Lead acetate (cas: 6080-56-4), phenylacetamide (cas 103-81-1), Cyromazine CAS:66215-27-8, citric acid (5949-29-1), methyl-pyridine (35575-96-3) 2-Phenylacetamide (CAS 103-81-1);Trimethylpyruvic acid (CAS 815-17-8);2-Hydroxypropyl methacrylate (CAS 27813-02-1);2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate(CAS 868-77-9);Allyl isothiocyanate(CAS 57-06-7);2,4-DichlorobenzylalcohCAS1777-82-8);N,N,N',N'-Tetrakis[4-(dibutylamino)phenyl]benzene-1,4-diamine(CAS 4182-80-3);o-Chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile(CAS 2698-41-1);4-Bromobut-1-ene(CAS 5162-44-7); Phthalide (CAS 87.....more>>

Picture Certification Name Certified By Business Scope Available Date --- Expired
Legal person's id card - 2008-10-24~2028-10-24 √ Verified
Business license - ~ √ Verified
Organization code certificate - ~ √ Verified
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