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Phytosterol 83-46-5 Purity 90%,95% Y & R 500g,1000g foil aluminium bag China

CAS: 83-46-5
FOB Price:350 USD/Kilogram
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Kilogram
Supply Ability:50 Metric Ton/Year
Updatetime:Aug 14 2018
Company Profile
Contact:Heming Han
Address: Tianjin
Quick Details
Classification: Herbal Extract
Cas NO.: 83-46-5
Name: beta-Sitosterol
Molecular Formula: C29H50O
Melting Point: 136-140 °C(lit.)
Boiling Point: 473.52°C (rough estimate)
Refractive index:1.5000 (estimate)
Flash Point: 226.3°C
Purity: 90%,95%
Appearance: white solid
usage: Pharmaceutical,Cosmetic,Food
Brand Name: Y & R
EINECS: 271-413-3; 201-480-6
Aliase: Sitosterol
Purity: 90%,95%
Appearance:White Powder
Brand: Y & R
HS.CODE: 2906199090
Usage: A common sterol in plants. Isolated from wheat germ oil, corn oil. Antilipemic. Used in the treatment of prostatic adenoma.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 500g,1000g foil aluminium bag
Delivery Detail: prompt by air,carrier or sea
Detailed Description

Sterol is a cyclopentane hydrocarbon phenanthrene derivative compounds, which is from soybean, corn and other plants through physical purification, separation. It is a kind of important natural active ingredients, cholesterol natural regulators, experts in human hormone intelligent management.

Plant sterols Specification
Phytosterol(Soybean) 90%,95%
Phytosterol (Corn) 90%,95
Phytosterol ( Rapeseeds) 90%,95%
Phytosterol (Pine trees) 98%
Phytosterol (Rice brain) 90%,95%
Phytosterol(Sunflower seeds) 90%,95%
Phytosterol (Cottonseeds) 90%,95%

Acts as skin nutrition,emulsifer,regulator added in the cosmetic/personal care products.
Acts as s nutritional supplement,added in the food,health care products.
Used for the synthesis of steroid hormones,a varity of corticosteroid drugs.
Used for the synthesis of plan growth hormones.

Company Information
Tianjin YR Chemspec Technology Co.,Ltd.
Name:Tianjin YR Chemspec Technology Co.,Ltd. √ Verified
Trade Category: Manufacturer√ Verified
Registered Time: 0 √ Verified
Registered Capital:
Legal Representative: √ Verified
Address: Tianjin
Product/Service: "Gamma Poly-Glutamic Acid";PVM/MA Copolymers,Beta-Sitosterol,Collagen,N-Octyl-Pyrrolidone,N-Methyl-Pyrrolidone,N-Ethyl-Pyrrolidone

Y&R is registrated in Tianjin FTZ,which is re-organized from Kingchem Internatioanl Ltd,the company is engaged in the production and distribution a broad range portfolio of specialty,raw materials,additives,lab/fine chemicals and solvents for the global cosmetic,personal care,pharmaceutical,food,H&I and other Hi-Tech industries. Y&R is one of the reliable sources in the world for high quality performance raw materials,additives,lab/reaserch and other fine chemicals,we provided 24hours after-sales service,technical support,our current market network is expanding to N/S America,EU,South East Asia,Middle East and worldwide. Except all products which listed in the website,Y&R is taking the location advantages in the FTZ,who can well provide a package products service to help o.....more>>

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