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Wright's stain 68988-92-1 Purity 99% China

Wright's stain
CAS: 68988-92-1
FOB Price: 
Minimum Order Quantity:0 Metric Ton
Supply Ability:Metric Ton/Day
Updatetime:Feb 25 2019
Company Profile
Tel:Tel: 86-21-64595530
Fax:Tel: 86-21-64595530
Address: 602 No 66,Qixin Road,Shanghai 201101,P.R.China
Quick Details
Classification: Organic Intermediate
Cas NO.: 68988-92-1
Name: Wright's stain
Molecular Formula: C36H27Br4N3O5S+2
Melting Point: -98℃
Boiling Point: 65℃
Refractive index:1.52-1.522
Flash Point: 11℃
Purity: 99%
EINECS: 273-541-5
Purity: 99%
Appearance:Blue with red shades to dark purple so...
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Molecular Formula:C36H27N3O5Br4S
Keywords:Wright's stain,Wright's stain,Wright's stain
Company Information
Name:Lonwin Chemical Group Limited
Trade Category:
Registered Time:
Registered Capital:
Legal Representative:
Address: 602 No 66,Qixin Road,Shanghai 201101,P.R.China

Lonwin industry group a comprehensive chemical enterprise which mainly integrates development, production, marketing ,import and export business. The company is located in the beautiful tourist city- shanghai with predominant industrial environment and commercial environment.

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