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Zinc Chloride 7646-85-7 Canada

Zinc Chloride
CAS: 7646-85-7
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Updatetime:Aug 13 2010
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Fax:+1 905-660-0773
Quick Details
Classification: Inorganic Salts
Cas NO.: 7646-85-7
Name: Zinc chloride
Molecular Formula: Cl2Zn
Melting Point: 167-172 °C
Boiling Point: 219-220 °C at 10 mmHg
Stability: hygroscopic
Refractive index:INDEX OF REFRACTION: 1.681; 1.713
Flash Point: 732℃
Appearance: clear to cloudy colorless or faintly yellow
EINECS: 231-592-0
Usage: Zinc chloride is used as an organic catalyst. It is deliquescent, whichmakes it an excellent dehydrating and drying agent. It is used in electroplating other metals,as an antiseptic, as a component of some deodorants, and as an astringent. It is also used forfireproofing materials and as a food preservative. Zinc chloride is also used in embalming andtaxidermy fluids.
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Detailed Description

EC NO:231-592-0
MF:ZnCl 2
Synonyms: zinc chloride solution;Zinc chloride, anhydrous;Zinc Chloride, MB Grade (1.08811);Zincchlorideultradry;

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Name:A&K Petro-Chem Ind. Ltd.
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